Academy Zagreb

Professional make up course

Independently of an initial level of knowledge and experience, all students are starting from the very beginning (so having never done make-up before is no obstacle).

Besides the theoretical and practical information about the execution of make-up, I believe it is equally important to understand the philosophy behind the make-up as a sophisticated form of communication throughout history and especially today, and the role of make-up artist in the process as an executor and (even more important) psychologist and educator which, to my opinion, is one of the important differences between good and EXCELLENT make-up artist.

  • Introduction to the make-up and possibilities it opens professionally -Skin- typology, physiology and treatment in terms of preparation for the make-up
  • Studying different types of facial features, creating perfect eyebrows, etc.
  • Foundation-the creation of the ideal base and its importance
  • Decorative make-up through its evolution
  • Beauty through history (the icons of beauty and their make-up, that even today inspires the fashion trends; Cleopatra, Elisabeth I, Madame Pompadour)
  • The beauty of the 20th century (studying of each individual decade 1910,1920,1930…1990‘s) through fashion and film (Hollywood divas)
  • Fashion photography make-up
  • Fashion-show make-up
  • Actual fashion trends and „creation“ of new ones
  • Fantasy make-up, alternative make-up accessories and materials (feathers, lace, crystals)
  • Drag-queen make-up
  • Working on the fashion shoot with a professional models and top photographer
  • School provides complete make-up and tools needed, individual maps and files, books and photo material, models and photographer service

1 month / 144h / mon-sat, 15-21h

Next term : April 23th, 2019.

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